Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Drop In The Ocean

I just realized that I can take pretty good photos on my phone. HOPEFULLY I will have an outfit post soon! Certainly there will be one for the first day of school. I already have my outfit planned out. I recently made an order on Here's what I bought.

Chelsea Girl Vegan Leather Shorts.

Alternative Apparal Madonna Slouch Pocket Tee in Grey.

Alternative Apparal Madonna Slouch Pocket Tee in Navy.

Airline to Heaven Dress.
Dress detail below.

Lulus is such a great site. I found so many things I wanted. I had a wishlist about a mile long, but one can only buy so much :( I'm happy with the staples I bought. As you can see, I adore Alternative Apparal. Hence, the green bag I cart around every day.

Have a great week!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Carry Me Home

Unfortunately, tragedy has struck my household. A family member has passed away from cancer. Therefore; my family will be taking an unwanted vacation to the funeral. I will also be missing the Blink concert :(

But life must go on.

Looklet is soooo much fun. It's so nice to be able to see clothing on a model. It's better than polyvore!!! This is my mood of late.

Having no camera is so sad. I have worn so many outfits I've wanted to show you all, but can't because I have no way of documenting them!went shopping yesterday. I've loaded up on the same laid back, casual, pants in shades of green, tan, grey, khacki...they are so comfortable. I also bought a long tye dye peasant skirt, a plaid shirt/dress, purple tights, grey tights, an orange embroidered tank dress, a flowery lace lingerie inspired dress, headbands, and a suede fringed vest. It was a successful trip.

Have a great week everyone. Summer is almost over, go outside! Enjoy what is left of this lovely season :)

Saturday, August 15, 2009


The Ingrid Michaelson concert was amazing to say the least. Can it be possible that a singer sounds better live than on record?? Not only does Ingrid have an engaging stage presence, but a crystal clear, spot on, beautiful voice. Her backup singer/guitar player was extremely talented as well. My friend and I thouroughly enjoyed the concert. We were thrilled when we received autographs and hugs from Ingrid after the show. My favorite song from the set was "Maybe" from her new album. Check it out!!

I wore: black dress from Forever 21, shoes from Forever 21, necklace from a fair, bangles from boutique in Florida, bag from Alternative Apparel.

Last week I was lucky enough to go to two concerts! Towards the end of the week I went to a Cute Is What We Aim For Concert. Although my expectations for the show weren't very high, Cute Is What We Aim For played an awesome show. AND raised a ton of money for a local theatre's restorations. Shant, the lead singer, has a suprisingly good voice...and enduring stamina. His acoustic performance of Lyrical Lies was really quite lovely. But my ultimate favorite of the night was an energetic performance of Hollywood. PERFECT.

I wore: shoes from American Eagle, leggings from Hot Topic, grey dress from Forever 21, black shirt from my auntie :) , necklace from a fair, bag from alternative apparal.

Less than a week left before the Blink-182 concert!!
Have a great day everyone :)

Monday, August 3, 2009


WOOOHOOOOO! Yesterday was pretty much the best day of my summer. All weekend I had been calling in, faithfully, at every hour to a local radio station in hopes of winning passes to a private Ingrid Michaelson concert at a local restaurant. After losing at least eight times, I finally hit the jackpot :) I won! I was heard on the station blubbering and screaming. It was quite embarassing to listen to. I cannot contain my excitement though. My friend and I have been loyal fans of Ingrid Michaelson for a very long time and we adore her music. If you have been a faithful reader to my blog, you would know this considering the two videos I uploaded of my friend and I singing two of the songs she often performs, "The Chain," and "You and I." The concert is on Wednesday and I CANNOT WAIT. I'm sure there will be an outfit post for the night since I will remind my friend a million trillion times to bring her camera. Who would pass up a photo opportunity with Ingrid?!
thrifted shirt, pants from express, shoes from forever 21
This is an old outfit camera is still broken :( My guess is that this was taken around spring. I wore this to a casual film premier I had a small role in.

Have a lovely week everyone. I know I will :)