Saturday, April 18, 2009

Strawberry Wine

I hope everyone had an enjoyable break, if you were on break! If not, I hope everyone had an enjoyable week :)

Another opening night outfit! I wore this after a performance as the lead in "The Secret Life of Girls." After the show, which went splendidly, a couple friends and I went out for a nice dinner.
Please excuse my bare feet! I wore little black ankle booties with this outfit.

A polyvore I made a while ago after watching "Twilight." Do not worry, I am not obsessed.
Have a great week everyone! I'm off to Virginia Beach for a little while, so no posting until the return :(

Saturday, April 11, 2009

White Horse

I hope everyone is having an enjoyable vacation!! I sure have. Hanging with friends and catching up on my very tall magazine stack has been a nice break from school. Unfortunately, some exam studying and project doing will have to be done this week :( Going to a beach for vacation (like many of my friends) would be nice...but oh well. Complaining never got anyone anywhere ;)
I finished watching a documentary/slightly exaggerated, but still pretty loyal to the truth/film, "The Road to Guantanamo." WATCH IT. Even if you feel you have no interest in the subject matter, watch it. As one of the Tipton Three says it himself, "the world is not a nice place."
I've been quite the little history buff lately. While searching for information to write an essay on the Cold War, I stumbled across pictures of The Berlin Wall. I really liked these pictures, for what they stand for, and for their power.

I hope these photos draw inspiration and hope this week. Have a great week!

Friday, April 3, 2009


Inspiration can be found everywhere. I can fill an entire sheet of paper with names of people who have inspired me, of people who never cease to inspire me. A new name was added to the list today. Today, a girl in my chorus class inspired me. Her personality is goofy, funny, but kind-hearted. Today, the front of her shirt read, "Hey," diagonally across the front and on the back it stated, "Ask me why I'm hungry." Naturally, I asked her why she's hungry. Her reply was, "I am not eating anything for 30 hours, and restricting myself to a diet of water to raise awareness on starvation in Africa." That just made my day :)

Sorry that these picture are so late! I know the weather is a tad warm for winter coat pictures, but these were never posted and I adore this coat.

Tonight I'm singing "Jesus Take The Wheel" in a talent show! Wish me luck :)

Tribute to three strong women in the music industry...(this is arguable I'm sure haha.)

meditate for victims of suicide this week.
have a great week :)