Friday, June 27, 2008

I'm Not That Girl

Sooooo... this week was a doosey. A little way too dramatic for my taste. Ugh. There was good though! Like having a lemonade stand (haha), seeing Wicked, biking out to lunch, a very successful (in my mind) callback audition. Then there was the bad, which we won't even get into!

I never ever in my life expected myself to enjoy Wicked. I didn't even buy a ticket myself. I was invited last minute by a friend and decided to go, but wasn't expecting anything great. I usually can't stand over popular cliche musicals...this wasn't the case for "Wicked." Wicked was great! I loved every second of it. It made me laugh and cry. It was great. I completely recommend it.

So the outfits this week...none too inspiring. Sorry bloggers :( There's some pretty flowers though!

We all scream for...LEMONADE!
total profit: $2.50!

Biking for sushi was fun. It was my first sushi experience. It's a taste that needs some familiarizing, but overall was pretty good. Except for burning my mouth and nose on wasabi :(

The Callback :) and many rehearsals!

Moree loong biiking...

Lastly, Wicked... for which I got dressed up. excuse the pic of me with a hunch back... i don't really have one in real life.

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

Monday, June 23, 2008

Sentimental Heart

I just want to start by saying Zooey Deschanel has one of the most beautiful, old-fashioned, rich, jazzy voices I have ever heard. She is sooo not given enough credit for her acting and singing. Ahhh... listen to her. She's great :)

Now that summer is here, my friends and I are blessed with the ability to walk where we want :) Of course that means dressing accordingly to the weather. I have such a problem doing this. I have no idea why. So the other day I decided to wear this outfit when it was scorching hot outside. What is wrong with me?

Of course my long walk to coffee was sweltering hot.
That's def something I need to work on.

An influx of jobs starting in July will lead me to a lil extra spending money. I've had my eyes on the dress for a month now. It's a yellow eyelet dress by Kimchi and Blue that I found in Urban Outfitters while shopping with friends. I tried it on sort of as a joke because it wasn't me at all, but found that I loved the dress. I am in love with this dress. It fits well, it's comfortable, and is soooo cute on.

I am now going to start a "Girl Of The Week." Thank you to Teen Vogue and Sharifa for the idea! To enter please finish this survey and e-mail it to! Please label the subject as "Sentimental Heart". Thank you :)

How would you describe your style in one word?

Where or what is your source of inspiration?

Where is your favorite place to buy clothes?

What clothing item or accessory are you currently "obsessed" with?

What are you listining to right now?

Your favorite quote?

Your fashion pet peeve?

One random fact about yourself...?

Please, if you can, include a picture!

No one answered last week :(

Please leave your comments!
xoxo isabella clarisse xoxo

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fernando Pando

So the other day while at my friends house her mum had a couple of dresses that she no longer had any use for. I was immediatly drawn to this one which was exactly my type of dress. BLACK BLACK BLACK BLACK BLACK. and an added plus it had a lil bit of silver sparkle to it. Of course it had to be extremely long on me and it had shoulder pads. So... I did a bit of work on it. Which means ripping out the shoulder pads and hemming the dress. Now it's more of a shirt, but can be worn with leggings... too short for tights though.

Before Pic (sorry for the blurryness)

After Pics! (sorry for some blurryness)

How do you like it? Should I leave it as is now, or does it need any extras?
Please advice would be great!

This was a double rainbow that showed up near my house! It came after a storm!

-I hope everyone has a great day! Please leave all comments :)
xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Chasing Pavements

Ahh so two exams down, two left to go! I'm done for this week though :) What a relief. With soooo much pressure of exams I have not dressed very well these past two days. So I have just one outfit post of a completely uninspiring outfit. It's actually rather unflattering and ugly, but hey what can I say... sitting in an uncomfortable chair in a hott stuffy setting for three hours does not really scream high fashion... the whole thought of exams just sucks the fun of dressing up for me...I hit the mall after the exam and I didn't even dress well. UGH.

Well here it is the outfit from yesterday's math exam. grr.

Ahh so something else interesting... I was looking through my NYLON mag and found a quote from We Are Scientists that mentioned Christian Bale... who is my FAVORITE person alive...

The movie "Batman the Dark Knight" is coming out this summer! I'm preordering my tix for five shows in a row :))))) Obsessed? YES.

Anyways soooo I bought cute orange wedges today at Charlotte Rouse for $10...(i know everyone hates wedges) but I needed a nice pair of cute wedges I think...and they were soooo cheap I bought them! And I really love them. They don't even hurt my blister on my toe from wearing heels so much. And I bought lotion, lip gloss (it smells and tastes like maple sugar), and shampoo from bath and body works (HUGEEEE SALE), and some bright, bright, bright neon pink nail varnish.

Ehh rainy days make for colorful polyvores :)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

"Karma Police"

I am now going to start a "Girl Of The Week." Thank you to Teen Vogue and Sharifa for the idea! To enter please finish this survey and e-mail it to! Please label the subject as "karma police". Thank you :)

How would you describe your style in one word?

Where or what is your source of inspiration?

Where is your favorite place to buy clothes?

What clothing item or accessory are you currently "obsessed" with?

What are you listining to right now?

Your favorite quote?

Your fashion pet peeve?

One random fact about yourself...?

Please, if you can, include a picture!

Here's my outfit from two days was super hott outside and I had to go to a picnic. It's actually pretty ugly...but I made it look good when i went out to dinner that night. I guess it's ugly in this picture from the angle it was taken at, but from the front, once the vest stopped acting weird it looked good :)

jean shorts-Old Navy
tan scoopneck tee-jc pennys
dark blue navy eyelet vest-gap
belt worn as a necklace-old navy

My outfit yesterday was for a family birthday party/cook-out.

skirt-jc pennys
blue polo-elie tahari
earrings-charlotte rouse
bracelets-gift from uncle (bought from overseas traveling)

I hope everyone has a beautiful day :)
Polyvore to end the post :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'd Swim The Ocean For You, The Ocean For You

Emmy Rossum is such a role model for me. Ever since I heard her beautiful voice in "Phantom of The Opera" and have watched her in movies like "Poseidon" with the hott guy from "Sweet Home Alabama" in it, I have loved her and admired her. She is so talented at such a young age, not to mention her beauty.

Another reason I love Emmy is her style. I don't know about you, but I'm tired of trashy celebrity role models for young girls. Honestly, it can get sort of ridiculous. Thank you to celebrity's that dress for girls of all ages to look up too :) I mean sure Paris and Nicole look great, and it's great to feel sexy, but sometimes I wonder...

So thank you Emmy Rossum for keeping us grounded :)
And other stars...

America Ferrara...YOU GO GIRL

So today school was cooler inside, thank the LORD! Finally, I wasn't sweating in all my classes and the hallway didn't smell like total B.O. Best dressed for today?
You choose...

"Never Seen You Before (guy)" - skinnies, striped baseball tee grey with purple/grey striped sleeves, orange sneakers.

"Hehe giggle girl" - blue halter jersey dress with embroidery in the center, beige flip flops...

"Rent Fanatic" - gren v-neck bubble dress, black leggings, colored graffiti converse

"Irish Beauty" - blue v-neck criss crossed bust blue sheen dress, gray leggings, silver flip flops, white heaband, medallion necklaces

"Girl With Great BF" - silver glitter ballet flats (which i despise but since her dress was so cute it cancels out the shoes), gray sweetheart line dress (dark grey on bottom, lighter on top) with rhinestones dangling from center (sounds weird but really pretty)

"Lil Miss Conservative" - bright blue skinnies, blue/green flowered tank, plaid sneakers

"My future hairstylist (guy)" - black skinnies, silver stud belt, bblack/white vans, black/white striped tee with colored lightning bolts randomly scattered all over, colored dog tag necklace.

My votes would go to "My Future Hairstylist", "Lil Miss Conservative", and the "Irish Beauty"

New Polyvore... a lil bit random...a lotta bit I love the color.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"do you believe in magic?"

Ahhh exam week in our unconditioned school is basically torture. Well, we are still in review, but it's still torture, possibly even worse than exam week. It's a beautiful day outside and we are stuck in a stuffy, hot, classroom with a million other sweaty bodies listening to review, after review, after review... not exactly fun. Then you come home and study some more... ugh. I can't wait until this torture is make time go by a little bit faster listen to some great songs!

Here are my suggestions:

"Viva la Vida" - Coldplay
"Kelsey" - Metrostation
"All The Young Dudes" - Matt the Hopple
"Check Yes Juliet" - We The Kings
"Under Wraps" - The Innocent Bystanders
"Anyone Else But You" - Michael Cera and Ellen Page

All great songs... two from "Juno" soundtrack which is brilliant. Kimya Dawson is brilliant. And metrostation is good too :)

Sooo today's outfit very colorful... bright green/white printed flower mini skirt with a lil flounce at the bottom from Old Navy, bright blue v-neck tee that I borrowed from Jasmine (I don't plan on returning it), boring earings (too lazy to change them), different kind of prints bangles(three green ones that my Uncle brought back from travels to I think Africa?), green mini beaded necklace wrapped around neck three times, and black converse. So the whole outfit sorta has a lil kid feel about it besides the converse...kind of a cool contrast if you think about it!

Like or dislike? Comment.

New Polyvore... this one I love a lot.

Post your comments please :)
xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Our First Photo Shoot

Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny, hot day! It was a perfect day for our first photo shoot! It was awesome... and very, very, very warm. Haha then there was the camera incident when Jasmine Katarina dropped her camera underneath the boardwalk (or so we thought). So Isabella (me) and Rosalina climbed down into the jungle (high grass and PROBABLY poison ivy and snake nest...and we looked for it on our hands and knees... we looked for ten minutes in the jungle (under the board walk) when Jasmine proclaims "OH MY GAWD, I found it...!!" And whaddya know it was two feet away from us in a pile of high grass. Thank you Jasmine. We still love you though.

Jasmine: white button down shirt, seventies-style jean shorts, big wood bead creme necklace, brown heels.

Rosalina: white jean shorts that I, Rosalina, cut one day because they were originaly pants but i had nothing to wear so i cut them ha. A blue tank with a lacy top part, and an adorable denim vest that not many people like anymore, but I will always!!

Isabella: black Cheap Monday skinnies, black booties from Payless (I'm a bargain shopper), white tee tucked into jeans, vintage blue scarf, vintage head band.

Leave your comments :)
yours truly, all of us