Friday, July 25, 2008

The Way I Am

I was a little weary picking up the copy of Elle magazine at a local grocery store when I saw Mariah Carey's figure gracing the cover. She looked really good, and her voice is probably one of the best in the world, but her fashion sense is not something I find inspiration from. I was suprised to find that I really liked the interview Elle had with Ms. Carey. I also was suprised to find that I really liked the photo shoot. The magazine kept me entertained for the whole week long vacation. I didn't even need the other two magazines I brought with me (Lucky and NYLON.) I haven't started the new NYLON yet, but Mischa Barton Exposed quite caught my eye, not in the best way. What I loved about the August issue of Elle is the fashion spread, "Suit Up". I was enthralled with this fashion spread. I loved every single picture of it.

These two pages are my favorite of the spread. I love the blazer with the Karen Walker skirt. I need to get a studded belt! This is a great outfit for me to wear to school... and just look at the hair and makeup! Need I gush more? The checkered Armani Jacket is brilliant.

The white gloves on the picture to the left remind me that I am looking for a pair of gloves, like that, but black.

Ahhahhhahhh those gloves would be PERFECT!!!! The picture to the left is my second favorite outfit of the easily can be worn at my school...

I like the other gloves better, but these would work. Both gloves are from Carolina amato. I guess, according to this fashion spread, I need to be buying a nice fitted blazer soon!
Thank you Elle for a great issue!

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo


Thank you so much Copycat Sasha and Sharifa for giving me the Brillante Weblog Premio!!
The rules of this are:
1. When received, post the premio on your blog.
2. Link to the blogger you received it from.
3. Give it to four other blogs and link them.
4. Leave a comment on those four others about the award!

I've decided to give the award to:

Jen at Mahalo Fashion
Stephanie at Fashion Robot
Belle at Fashion Pirates
Courtney at Style M.O.B

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Christian Bale Arrested?! *this is not a song title!

I have been on a lovely vacation all week, and have not been able to go see BATMAN! It causes me great pain to say that I'm busy for a long time, and will not be able to see it for a while. So, if anyone has seen it and will write a review on it, I will post everyone's comments on the movie. Hopefully, every Christian Bale fan knows that he was arrested for "assaulting his mother and his sister." He was released free of charge, but is that just because of his upper rank in Hollywood's leading men? Of course, I think he is completely innocent, but that's coming from Christian Bale's #1 fan ;)
Please leave your comments on any of these Batman/Christian Bale/my future husband stories and I will put them all on an upcoming post.

Here are some outfit posts from before I left on vacation.

This I wore to a friend's house. I think we rode our bikes to lunch.

My outfit for piano.

Pictures I took that ended up looking sort of nice. The last one is my tat :) (fake of course) No needles needed, only a sharpie!

I was looking at picitures of some of the fall 2008 runway shows, and the makeup the designers chose to use. I found a few of the shows used a lot of black mascara. What I found interesting was the placement of the product (with false eyelashes).

Marchesa Fall 2008 makeup focused on extreme upper lashes. I love the shape of the false eyelashes. My eyelashes are very short, I'm thinking of picking up some tips from this makeup look. If anyone would like to try this look on them and sends me a picture of it to I will put it in the next post. Please do try this look out, I would like to know how it looks off the runway! Subject your e-mail Christian Bale.

Charlotte Ronson took a similar course. In her makeup look I love her softer pink lips with the black mascara on the bottom lashes. I've never been a fan of mascara on my bottom lashes because it rubs off and can prove to be messy sometimes. If anyone would like to try this look on them and send me a picture of it to I will put it in the next post. Please do try this look out, I would like to know how it looks off the runway! Subject your e-mail as Christian Bale.

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Golden Train

Hey if there are any fans of Jason Mraz out there check out Justin Nozuka. I love his voice. I just discovered him, and have been listening to him a lot. Thank you Justin Nozuka for helping me pick this post name!

The other day at a fair I found some cheap jewelry that I love! Here are the pics of some.

Unfortunatly, the toe ring broke :( It was my favorite peice...I love a tough looking rose.

Do you like them?!

Oh and hmmm what are your thoughts on what you ALWAYS pack on vacation??

xoxo isabella clarisse xoxo

Monday, July 7, 2008


Ahhh so how was everyone's Fourth of July? Mine was great. I spent time with family and participated in the normal activities one would find on this holiday. Overall I've had a pretty relaxing, nice week. And I've gotten a tan :)

Today at a rehearsal though, a girl was talking about how she got sick from too much sun. She went to the doctor and they told her she's one step away from skin cancer. Soooo that serves as a reminder to EVERYONE to WEAR YOUR PROTECTIVE SUNSCREEN!!!! Tanning is great, but don't go all bare.

Oooh and I also gained a bunch of cheap, sick jewelry at a fair :) Pictures to come though, I'm too lazy to put them up today!

Colorful....and me likee :)

I'm finding that the monokini is a really flattering bathing suit. On people of all sizes that I've seen wearing this type of suit, it looks pretty good on everyone. I just bought one myself and will don it on vacation!