Monday, May 25, 2009

Bottle It Up

This weekend has been fun I suppose. I managed to have an enjoyable time even when suffering through bouts of jealousy over the fun time my best friend was having shopping in Downtown Boston...ugh... I managed to have fun with friends still here. I went shopping on Friday...bought a new pair of black sandals with some fringe, some new cutoff jean shorts, a racerback flowy tank, a new headband...all in all a successfull shopping trip. Then had a good time at a pool party held at a friend's house, which was a nice taste of summer. Last night, went to an event with performances by several talented DJ's and Karl Wolf. Good weekend :D

And I am feeling 100% better...thank you to all for the nice comments.

My school has a chorus concert coming up. The black dresses are classy, but not really flattering. I would adore a concert dress like this :)

Casual boring outfit post. I do indeed like the was borrowed from a friend.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable week, and Memorial Day.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Chain

Hey everyone!

Posting has been so difficult lately due to AP exam studying and lots and lots of homework. This year has definitely been a rough one. I cannot wait until the summer. Hopefully I'll last through the rest of this year. Summer is my only drive for working hard. Tomorrow is my AP English Language and Composition exam. Wish me luck, I sure need it. Especially after the beginning of this week. I was home sick yesterday with a 104 fever, chills, sore throat, headache, and achy bones :( Same for today... tomorrow morning's exam should be lots of fun :) haha

Sarcasm aside...outfit post!

This was the lovely Easter outfit for the year.

Lastly, please take time to watch and commment this video on youtube. My friend and I are forming a band, going to be named The Lovelys or Thee Lovelys...not sure yet. Here is our cover of Ingrid Michaelson's "The Chain." Hope you like :)
Have a great week everyone. Good luck on all exams.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

This Magic Moment

I am exhausted. This weekend, of yet, has been fun-filled but busy. Of course, there hasn't been much time for sleep. This morning into the evening I participated in a choral festival. Then, went to a dance. Very fun night. Exhausting though. I sure did get a good work out !

No need to worry, I do not usually wear green floral mini skirts with black and white leopard leggings...Wacky Wednesday at my school is pretty much the only day I dress in this wild way. The outfit was too cute not to post!

I finally watched "Slumdog Millionaire." Every aspect of the movie was amazing. Well done to all involved. Disturbing, heartwarming, strong.

Have a nice weekend everyone!