Thursday, July 24, 2008

Christian Bale Arrested?! *this is not a song title!

I have been on a lovely vacation all week, and have not been able to go see BATMAN! It causes me great pain to say that I'm busy for a long time, and will not be able to see it for a while. So, if anyone has seen it and will write a review on it, I will post everyone's comments on the movie. Hopefully, every Christian Bale fan knows that he was arrested for "assaulting his mother and his sister." He was released free of charge, but is that just because of his upper rank in Hollywood's leading men? Of course, I think he is completely innocent, but that's coming from Christian Bale's #1 fan ;)
Please leave your comments on any of these Batman/Christian Bale/my future husband stories and I will put them all on an upcoming post.

Here are some outfit posts from before I left on vacation.

This I wore to a friend's house. I think we rode our bikes to lunch.

My outfit for piano.

Pictures I took that ended up looking sort of nice. The last one is my tat :) (fake of course) No needles needed, only a sharpie!

I was looking at picitures of some of the fall 2008 runway shows, and the makeup the designers chose to use. I found a few of the shows used a lot of black mascara. What I found interesting was the placement of the product (with false eyelashes).

Marchesa Fall 2008 makeup focused on extreme upper lashes. I love the shape of the false eyelashes. My eyelashes are very short, I'm thinking of picking up some tips from this makeup look. If anyone would like to try this look on them and sends me a picture of it to I will put it in the next post. Please do try this look out, I would like to know how it looks off the runway! Subject your e-mail Christian Bale.

Charlotte Ronson took a similar course. In her makeup look I love her softer pink lips with the black mascara on the bottom lashes. I've never been a fan of mascara on my bottom lashes because it rubs off and can prove to be messy sometimes. If anyone would like to try this look on them and send me a picture of it to I will put it in the next post. Please do try this look out, I would like to know how it looks off the runway! Subject your e-mail as Christian Bale.

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo


movie buff said...

Bale seems too in-control of himself and too smart to ever physically go after anyone

Copycat Sasha said...

Love the nails :) Plus your post has inspired me to try mascara on my bottom lashes!

keira antoia rose said...

Ya that's what I'm thinking movie buff. I've never heard or seen Mr. Bale lose control. Copycat Sasha, that's great! Waterproof mascara works the best.

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

Sharifa said...

Pfft,his arrst is plastered over the web.Honestly,I don't care.The dark knight IS the best movie of the year.

I love your bead bracelets&np-very summery:-)

Copycat Sasha said...

I've decided to award you the Brilliant Weblog Premio! Check my blog for more info.

keira antoia rose said...

Thanx copycat, but how do I get the pic on there?

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

Stephanie said...

In response to your comment: I'm actually almost 5'3, so of course I think full-length jumpsuits look great on anyone of any height! Sometimes it's easier for shorter people to roll up the legs to make it look less like a uniform, which is what I did with mine. How tall are you?

Sharifa said...

I've decided to give you the Brillante Weblog Premio Award.
Yay,check my blog for details

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

I hope the allegations against christian bale are not true, poor soul. I really love the hot pink nail polish!

CoutureCarrie said...

I love the bias plaid and the neon nails!!

WendyB said...

Nice pink nails.

Mimi said...

The last hairdo is very special and cute.

Nice blog.

Lauren said...

I love that nail polish color! I will certainly add you to my link list, thanks for asking.

keira antoia rose said...

Thank you to all who commented!

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

Honeymoon said...

Nice outfit !