Sunday, August 31, 2008

What You Got (only the acoustic version of course)

Back to school for everyone soon, if you haven't already gone! The only good part of the start of a new school year is the school clothes shopping. This year I only went twice. Both trips successful.

-halter tye dyed dress with elastic bubble bottom (blue, green, orange) from Urban Behavior.

-black stirrup leggings from Hot Topic

-navy blue with white stripes cropped sweater from Urban Outfitters

-Green v-neck teeshirt from American Eagle

-wide legged jeans from American Eagle

-engineer striped skinnies from Against All Odds for Her

-ankle jeans from Forever 21

-XXL top that is black and grey and says love on it with sequins from PacSun to be worn as a dress.

-black dress of same style from Old Navy

-dressy black sandals from Old Navy

-graphic tee in size XXL to be worn as dress from Old Navy

-white eyelet blouse from Guess

-black studded ballet flats from Charlotte Rousse

-bright blue cardigan with rhinestones on the top bought on vacation

Can Rhianna truly be broke?? In this dress, she certainly fools me. Many people would probably criticize Rhianna for wearing this dress. I think it's beautiful. I love the shape and color of it.

Mrs. Beckham has a hit and miss style, in my opinion. Truthfully the dress on the runway looks so much more sophisticated than when Victoria wears it with her boobs pushed up almost to her chin. I really like the dress too, pity that she wore it a little too showy for my taste. In the second picture she's wearing a very womanly blazer...and I love it. And she's still looking gorgeous!

Have a great day everyone :)
"Live high, live mighty, live righteously."
-Jason Mraz


Sammie said...

Thanks for commenting! I love the sound of the black stirrup tights. Speaking of which, I really need a pair of new black ankle-length leggings.

Emily said...

I wish that I was allowed to wear what I wanted to school. We have rather strict school uniforms over here.

Emily @

Anonymous said...

i'd love to trade links! adding you

michelle said...

Your buys sound great.
I also agree about Victoria Beckham's hit and miss style..

And Lykke Li on The Hills? Aah no, please no.
I didn't notice it? Or perhaps I just wasn't paying attention.

keira antoia rose said...

First day of school today! And...I am wearing my sports uniform. Tomorrow will be a good outfit though! It stinks that you have to wear uniforms :( Can you make them cool like in Gossip Girl though? And I'm pretty sure she was on the Hills, at least that's where I saw her name on the Hills website.

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

Mary said...

AHH I love them both. They're so lovely... I think even when they dress meh, they have this borderline cocky sense of entitlement that they pull it off!

Richel said...

lucky you! I was never successful when it came to back to school shopping!

Copycat Sasha said...

Sounds like a very successful shopping trip! Rihanna's always amazing, VB's style never really suits mine so I'm kind of indifferent towards it. Let's see some pics of your new clothes!

Sammie said...

Thank you! I love my scarves dearly, I now have like between 6 and 10? I think I have to count them.

coco said...

Sounds like a great selection of clothes. Good shopping trip indeed.

WendyB said...

I like Victoria. She's quite funny and down-to-earth in interviews.

WendyB said...

Hey there, thanks for your comment. I have a super-long blogroll, so I like to limit my new links to people who post a lot or at least once a week. Let me know when you start posting for September! :-)