Sunday, January 11, 2009

If I Fell

I was reading NYLON and saw a scarf that I thought was lovely. The designer is Isabela Capeto. I knew nothing of the designer, so I looked up previous collections. It was love at first sight. The clothes, makeup, hair, accessories, and runway shows are great. Everything is something easily wearable, and something I can see myself in.

Ahhhhhh how lovely.

Has anyone seen Revolutionary Road?? It has Kate Winslet and Leo in it, that's why I would see it. The first time they are in a movie together since "Titanic." Complete with steamy love scenes and all, but her hubby directs it...I wonder if that's awkward? Have a good week y'all :)


Anonymous said...

wow. that collection is gorgeous. i've never heard of her either, but i'll definitely check her out now :)
and no, i haven't seen revolutionary road, but i'm dying to. i am absolutely in love with the trailer, the one with the music thats all sexy and sultry sounding. i'll probably post it in my next post.

this wheel's on fire said...

i cannot wait to see revolutionary road!! it hasn't come out yet though....

Carlita said...

Gorgeous collection! Totally my style, too.
I love Leo as an actor. He's quite charming too :).

Ana said...

Wow so romantic.
I am in lust.

coco said...

That hat is really interesting. And I actually really want to read Revolutionary Road, it sounds like a good story.

Mary said...

hollly wooow
thanks so much for posting, the 2nd last is my current favourite but really, it was a hard pick.
everything is so mystical and lovely!

What Kat Did said...

Those dresses are beautiful, I must investigate her work further so thanks :)

Can't wait for revolutionary road it's out next week. You can watch Kate win her golden globe on you tube and she thanks Leo (who blows her a kiss) and her husband. I love them.

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