Saturday, March 14, 2009


Posting has been so difficult lately! Busy schedules can be such a pain... I am only able to blog today because I am currently in my school's computer lab, secretly typing this up. Hopefully as the summer approaches posting and blogging will be much easier to do! My busy schedule has also created a stack of magazines in my room, I have yet to read. I just finished an issue of Elle from last month...or maybe the month before that...(I'm not really sure.) Next up, last month's NYLON...I think!

No outfit post today :( I cannot access my photos from my computer at home with this computer. Hopefully soon. I really like my outfit today! I'm wearing a darker wash skinny ankle jean, a basic GAP long sleeve, with a Plenty by Tracy Reese blousy bubble top over it. I scrunched my hair last night so it is wavy and messy, with a gold headband. Very seventies look. What did y'all wear today?

this week listen to some new music. try the Cranberries, Sean Lennon, or Eva Cassidy.
Have a great day :)