Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Seen Your Face

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season! Although there was little snow, there was skiing, eating, present opening, and lots of fun with family and friends. Although going back to school is a little bit of a bore, life is great.

What is everyone's New Year"s Resolution?? *happy 2010 by the way* Does anyone else find it difficult to write 2010 on their papers?? My New Year's Resolution came about after some dramatic happenings after the first of the year. This year I will become a better person. I will be honest, not gossip, focus a little more on grades, spend more time with family and friends that mean the most to me, and be the best girlfriend my boyfriend could ever ask for. It's a loaded resolution, but I am more than determined to make it happen.

I am currently watching the premier of American Idol! I have been a faithfull watcher of American Idol since the first season with Kelly Clarkson. Many of you don't know, but my whole life I have been performing. I am a singer and an actress both as an amateur and professionally. One of my ultimate dreams has been to audition for American Idol. I've never quite gotten there, but this year I am planning on auditioning (that is, if I don't chicken out). Currently, I am having a minor debate within myself. I'm not sure whether I should just go for it and take the risk or rejection or just avoid it altogether. At least I have quite a while to figure it out.

American Idol has led me to my latest eye candy obsession...
Enter, Jason Castro.

Moving on, here is an outfit post. In my hair is an adorable peach flower clip gifted to me from my best friend:)

shoes (Lucky Brand), tights (Target), skirt (American Idol), shirt (Forever 21), flower clip (Charlotte Rousse *thanks lovely*)

Have a wonderful week everyone:)


Sammi said...

1) being nice is NO FUN! 2) I too am obsessed with American Idol...I go to see it live every spring break. 3) You should totally try out! Besides, Simon won't even be there next year.... 4) cute outfit

AMIT said...

Hey looking good with guitar.

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