Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Chain

Hey everyone!

Posting has been so difficult lately due to AP exam studying and lots and lots of homework. This year has definitely been a rough one. I cannot wait until the summer. Hopefully I'll last through the rest of this year. Summer is my only drive for working hard. Tomorrow is my AP English Language and Composition exam. Wish me luck, I sure need it. Especially after the beginning of this week. I was home sick yesterday with a 104 fever, chills, sore throat, headache, and achy bones :( Same for today... tomorrow morning's exam should be lots of fun :) haha

Sarcasm aside...outfit post!

This was the lovely Easter outfit for the year.

Lastly, please take time to watch and commment this video on youtube. My friend and I are forming a band, going to be named The Lovelys or Thee Lovelys...not sure yet. Here is our cover of Ingrid Michaelson's "The Chain." Hope you like :)
Have a great week everyone. Good luck on all exams.


kirstyb said...

Cute outfit xoxox

Eden said...


that outfit is really cute! reminds me so much of the 90's styling thats coming back so much now... you are looking really good!

btw, good luck on your AP exams! u know, you'll get to have more exciting things to come after that. u deserve to enjoy as well.:)

much love


coco said...

Cute dress. Love the print.

lucille said...

Cute outfits !

Francie. said...

nice singing
nice outfits
nice blog.

GraceFace said...

I love that cover, it's extremely sweet!
And your dress is gorgeous (:

xs said...

good luck on your test! love the outfit.

Anonymous said...

you must be so relieved to be done with exams :-) I finished last week, luckily, so this week was much more relaxed.

As for your band, your harmonies are lovely, you two blend quite well since you don't have any overwhelming vibrattos (which i like). I'm always one for pure tones. :-)

frances said...

love your hair, and the dress x

Life In Technicolor. said...

took a vote -- im chronically slpy in the mornigns! hahah. cuppa notwithstanding. well all the best
thanks for the compliemtns dearest!

andrea oxoxox
Life In Technicolor.

ryder said...

another pair of shoes on this combination!

E said...

What a gorgeous floral dress!

this wheel's on fire said...

feel better baby!

Copycat Sasha said...

cute dress! good luck with the band too! oh and the song title is "moi, je joue"

michelle said...

Beautiful dress. I hope your AP exam went well; I was so relieved after finishing mine.
And get well soon!

Ania said...

you two have such sweet voices and sound great together :)
+ you're so cute!