Saturday, May 2, 2009

This Magic Moment

I am exhausted. This weekend, of yet, has been fun-filled but busy. Of course, there hasn't been much time for sleep. This morning into the evening I participated in a choral festival. Then, went to a dance. Very fun night. Exhausting though. I sure did get a good work out !

No need to worry, I do not usually wear green floral mini skirts with black and white leopard leggings...Wacky Wednesday at my school is pretty much the only day I dress in this wild way. The outfit was too cute not to post!

I finally watched "Slumdog Millionaire." Every aspect of the movie was amazing. Well done to all involved. Disturbing, heartwarming, strong.

Have a nice weekend everyone!


Eden said...

hi luv!

sorry if i haven't been able to drop by much... wahhh, im so so so swamped.. tons of catching up to do! yeah, i'm sure you dont go out wiht the skirt and legging combo, but you know what.. it's pretty cute! now that i think of it, it just might work! hehe. cute post.:)

much love


Clara said...

good stylle!
i love your blog!

Annie said...

slumdog millionaire is so, so amazing! I'm glad you saw it! everyone should.

also, love the leopard leggings. I think I have an unhealthy obsession with leopard print.

Anonymous said...

oooh slumdog millionaire is just pure brilliance. i'm surprised you didn't see it earlier! i finally gat it for my birthday after seeing it *cough* five *cough* times in got a bit excessive :-)

Mary said...

HAHA you look adorable and slightly crazy. Slightly...

Oh Slumdog. It pulls at my heart strings every time it's mentioned. D'awww.