Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Miss You

Thanks to Neil from Roweandesign I have been informed of a great online boutique called 25park. http://www.25park.com/ sells great peices of clothing from a vast selection of designers, including, Antik Batik, Behnaz Sarafpour, Malene Birger, Elizabeth and James, Gryphon, Karta, Michael Kors, Philosophy Di Alberta Ferretti, Ports 1961, and Vena Cava, just to name a few. While browsing the website I came across must have pieces, that I would buy if I had the money, from Gryphon, beautiful Elizabeth and James pieces, and casual wear from Mike & Chris. There is a great selection of clothing for putting together the ultimate Summer outfit. I found many ethnic and cultural references in the clothing and lots of sequins!! (I'm glad sequins haven't gone out of style yet) AND! I found Your Slip Is Showing, which I will definitely be checking out. What a great idea it is! Buy a slip with a creative bottom that peeks out beneath a dress or skirt, instantly you have a new dress!

Not only is this a great site to shop from, it is charitable. 25Park supports the R Baby Foundation which helps in the fight against infant mortality. More information on the R Baby Foundation can be found at http://www.rbabyfoundation.org/

The VIP services on the site are helpful as well. Consult the 25 Park experts if searching for the perfect dress for your sister's wedding or a graduation party, they'll hook you up with some great ideas!!! The website recently just added a blog. The blog, which is nicely organized, keeps the reader up to date with the lastest news in fashion, music, travel, photography, and events. Make sure to check it out.

Really do check out this site. I know I sound like a broken record advertisement, but it really is a pretty cool on-line boutique. I went through the entire website and picked out my favorites to show my fellow bloggers!

kimberley long dress from calypso

batik dress from aka new york

tulip dress from elizabeth and james

knights bridge dress from karta

full skirt from loefflerr randall

justinas jacket from malene birger

clover wrap from maria pinto

ugly duckling slip from your slip is showing

So check out the site! Moving off of 25 park; I'm really disappointed that my camera is broken. I really like my outfit today! I'm wearing black Cheap Monday skinny jeans, a pink tank, a navy and leather zip up vest over the top and a chain/diamond necklace. It has kind of a biker vibe. Oh! Red lipstick of course.

Have a great week everyone.


Jennifer Fabulous said...

Gorgeous dresses! I'm definitely going to check out that site!

Toni Tones said...

gorgeous dresses..

coco said...

Interesting designs. Also I love the picture of Leslie Mann in your sidebar.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I love like every single outfit here, they're all so pretty! Too bad 25 Park is so expensive, though.

Maverick Malone said...

I actually really like the brown one, with the massive bow...very cool!

Laroux said...

Wow, those pieces really are stunning, especially the Batik dress and the Loefflerr Randall skirt, i'll definitely be checking out that boutique online x

this wheel's on fire said...

Gotta check it out!

kiss me said...
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AMIT said...

Beautiful dresses.

Aubade lingerie

prettygeeky.com said...

That wrap is making my heart race, it's so pretty! ahah