Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I Will Possess Your Heart

School starts in two days. GASP. Yes, two days. The end of summer is always so sad. Suprisingly, I'm not too sad this year. I'm actually quite indifferent. Sure, this summer was fun but nothing too exciting happened. I enjoyed myself, but most of my time was spent working and relaxing. It was a good summer :)

I already have my first day of school outfit planned out. This picture isn't the best because, since I don't have a camera, it was taken on my phone.

dress from american eagle, lace nighty (underneath) from aerie, belt from lucky brand jeans.

Is it a good first day of school outfit?? I like it. Originally, I was just going to wear the lace nighty, but I think this is more appropriate.

Have a great week everyone :)


thatonewhotalksalot said...

it's a lovely first day of school outfit.

monkey T said...

you look great :D

Eden said...

you look fantastic KAR! and oh god. those leather shorts are straight out of my dreams.

looking lovely!


Jowy said...

Its an awesome outfit!

One Love,

Tiana said...

i used to plan out my whole first week of school outfits. Haha, what fun ; )


Anonymous said...

figuring out what to wear for the first day of school is ridiculously fun :-) your outfit looks adorable.

Tea For Two said...

I love the dress and the hints of purple in the outfit. Also, I love the sticker on your mirror. Very good words to have near you.