Sunday, October 18, 2009


Yes, this post title is inspired by the over-played, but brilliant, Jason Mraz song...but I just felt it suitable considering how great life has been. I have been Taste of Fashion MIA for a long time, but I am back and better than ever :) This school year has been grand. Everything about is good. I'm challenged, but not overloaded with work. I am constantly surrounded by friends and family. I am immersed daily with fashion and the arts. ...and gelatto, warm apple cider, candy corn, and pumpkin flavored foods are part of my daily diet. With October may come the despised cold weather, but it has to be one of the most fun months of the year. I have gone to a Halloween decorated theme park, apple picking, fall football games, and soon to be Halloween shopping.

This brings me to a, much needed, blogger friend favor. I need YOU, yes YOU to help me out with my Halloween costume. I'm going to be a 20's flapper...but need ideas and advice! So post a helpful comment or send me an e-mail with pictures of ideas. Your advice is greatly appreciated :) I wish I could say the best advice will win you a prize...but that's not will be my new blogger best friend!! (who wouldn't want that!)
Scarves have generally been October's accesory staple. I went into Target this evening on the hunt for moccasins, but came out with brown boots, black flats, and a yellow scarf! Gotta love the scarfs.
green v-neck from american eagle, faux leather shorts, bag from alternate apparale, necklace from claires

I give each and every one of you full permission to scold me on my lack of posting... those leather shorts I bought in the summer I had yet to post a picture of. Well, there you go!

Monique Lhuillier...perfection. Everything about the show was lovely.
Have a wonderful Autumn filled week everyone. It's good to be back.


emily said...

omigosh, i was actually going to be a flapper too!! i was going to wear this fringe dress i have, along with a long strand of (fake) pearls and maybe a feather or something in my hair? try googling images of flappers...

this wheel's on fire said...

I would watch Chicago for inspiration :)

Clarissa said...

i love the song lucky! :) i'm happy that its the song that's describing your life right now and not a different one! haha

workhard said...

Those outfits are lovely.. especially the first brown one

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AMIT said...

Wow nice lovely pictures.

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