Monday, March 8, 2010

"Everything today is Thoroughly Modern"

This weekend I have had the pleasure of playing Ruth in "Thoroughly Modern Millie." The show was a great success and a wonderful experience. To be able to play a character in the 1920's was very fun. I learned how to finger wave my hair, dance at a speakeasy, and dress like a true flapper. I learned to tap dance and to sing in a 1920's style.
The show came at a perfect time. This week, as I posted before, has been rough for many of my friends and classmates. The sudden death of a classmate was a horrific way to start off the week. Thanks to the musical, the pain and heartbreak of the death was alleviated.

To lighten the mood, here are a few pictures taken from the weekend!
Photos courtesy of friends Marissa, Maggie, and myself.


Sammi said...

Lots of milkshakes. Cool.

biotechnology said...

You gave me a taste! :D