Friday, September 26, 2008

Life Is Wonderful

Anna Sui's show was colorful, and flowery. I loved the bright colors! There were also a few all black outfits that I found nice as well. The model's were all so gorgeous. What I really noticed was how beautiful every single model was. If I had to pick the models for my own show, these would be the models I would choose.

Very pretty colors. Blue and green always look so good on blonde girls... I am jealous. It looks like something I would wear.

I love the mix of patterns!

This is pretty. I like the roses.

Girly, and overall cute, but not too inspiring.

I really like this look. One of my favorites. The skirt and sweater are gorgeous.

I've always loved her.

I like the shoes. Great smile :)

Pretty mix of colors, something I would wear.

So pretty. I love the arm bling.

My favorite color purple :) I like the black vest.

This isn't really working for me. I think it's the pants, and the sash.

I do like this all black look. I wonder how much it costs? It's so embellished!

I'm a sucker for black dresses :) The boots are awesome. I really liked how at the end of the runway every model would smile.

This is cute, but it seems like something I would find at Old Navy. I think this Asian model is stunning.

Really nice pattern, but I'm not a fan of the mix of the dress and the colors with the matchy shoes.


I found that the makeup for this show included heavily blushed cheeks.

Yayyy Anna Sui loves Aggy too :)

One of my favorite ensembles. The side jewelry is interesting! and new!

Not my favorite plaid dress. It looks like it would be a difficult fit.

One of my favorite looks! Music festival here I come!

Huge necklaces!

Perfect dress! Like a really pretty tapestry.

Have a great week everyone!

"She used to be a hamster, now she's a guinea pig."


this wheel's on fire said...

love the little dresses :)

Ana said...

Oh I like it.
And thanks for posting as I havent been able to get around to the new collections yet.

Juaи + said...

ok, i usually love anna sui's collections!

this in no exception but i have a few problems with that hat on agyness deyn head!