Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Nolita Fairytale

This man is brilliant.

I haven't been through all the collections for Spring '09 quite yet, but so far this has been one of my favorites. His collection featured many sporty separates. And as always embodied the downtown hipster cool kid spirit. The cropped shirts were styled perfectly.

I wish I were this cool.

AHHHH this is awesome. And look at that bag.

While watching the video of the show, this sweater stuck out to me. I really like this look. I can see myself in it. I could imagine Taylor Momsen taking a photo shoot in it.

This model is stunning. Here is one of the cropped shirts of the collection. I like it, mainly because it reminds me of Batman :)

Beautiful black and white assymetrical dress. For Ashley Olson?

I can't get over how sexy this collection is. There are little peeps of skin peeping out everywhere. I like that the side cut outs in this dress.

The open shoulder sleeves are cool. This outfit, as a whole, doesn't really mix in with the others, but I guess I'm not him and his mind works in brilliant ways, sooo this must be brilliant too!

Favorite outfit of the show. I love the colors, and the tank!! Seeing this collection makes me want to go take some scissors to all my shirts. I see Jerell from Project Runway in this cut off tank.

Here you go Madonna.

The color mix of the grey with the purply pink is sporty, but feminine. Very pretty result. The side cut outs are nice.

I love this color and the outfit. In this picture the shoes are very noticeable. I like the shoes a lot.

Someone get me this please. It's so wonderful.

The mix of patterns is so cool. And the headband looks sooo tough. Maybe I should wear one! haha.


Nina said...

this was a good collection....but i still think his last one was better. but i would still kill for some of his new pieces. :)

this wheel's on fire said...

new layout? LOVE it!

this wheel's on fire said...

hey!! i gave you a Gold Card on my blog, so come by to see what that is :)

coco said...

I like his collections a lot but I think there are much better designers out there.

Juaи + said...

My favorite thing about his SS09 collection were the shoes!

I'm loving the ones in Freja's first pic :)