Sunday, December 14, 2008

My Dear Aquaitence

Although I rarely ever buy anything, I've always loved shopping on-line. I guess you could call it window shopping! I look, but barely ever buy. It gives a good idea of what I want for shopping trips. It makes everything a lot easier. I hope everyone's holiday is going well.

Here is part one of my Active Endeavor's wishlist.
1. The Arundel moto hoodie jacket from ever. I am in love with the dark grey color, and the tough zippers running through it.

2. Alice everyday top by Julie Haus.

3. The Bow kimono top by Mk2k.

4.I have been in dire need of just a plain pair of pants. These brown boot cut trousers by Seven for All Mankind would be perfect.

5. I fell in love with this dress. It's the blossom dress by Quail. Here is the back of it.

5. The front of the above dress.

6. Crosby janeta dress in mascara color from Jill Stuart

7. I need some new funky cardigans. This one is just nice. It's the cardigan sweater by Rory Beca.

8. Gershwin Dress by Julie Haus (she had great stuff on this website)

9. This is so classic. I love it. The Garbo leopard jacket in Tobacco by What Goes Around Comes Around

10. One of my favorites on the list. It's the Frances Baker dress by Lorick Back. I love the colors. The electric blue stripe down the back(shown here) is lovely.

10. The front of the dress.

Part two of the list to come later!

Brit Spears: "I try to avoid situations in my past that might threaten me.
Interviewer: "How do you do that?"
Brit Spears: "I go through life like a karate kid."

If you haven't seen the Brit documentary film yet. You have to watch it. I wasn't expecting to get anything out of it, but I did. She's actually a sensible, reasonable, talented, loving person. I've now seen it twice!

Have a great week everyone.
I hope y'all are staying warm.


this wheel's on fire said...

I love browsing online! I always pretend like I'm going to buy things...and then I remember that I really don't have an extra $500 for the three things in my cart...o well. It's still fun to browse!! :)

yiqin; said...

I think the cutting of the kimono dress is beautiful. Love onlnie shopping too!! No pushing around in the crowds. Totally awesome

Ana said...

Yeah I love browsing online stores. But I never buy clothes, only accesories.

Hmm I may have to watch the Britney documentary. She's kind of intriguing.