Thursday, June 5, 2008

take that 10 pounds away fast with these easy steps!

After the long winter season I'm sure we ALL have gained a few unwanted pounds. While we try the diets, programs, the counting of points and if you're on the zone, you may just want a quick and simple way to look 5-10 pounds lighter during this spring season. All you have to do is find some tips on the list below, and apply them when you are picking out your clothes in the morning.

1. Find something that accentuates your wanted curves and gets rid of the unwanted ones.

2. If your problem areas occur around your thighs, i suggest an empire waist cut will look amazing on you. They will really make your problem areas invisible to the people around you.

3. If your problem area is in your arms, it would no be the best thing to do to wear tanks, and tube tops, these will add ten pounds to your body. Wear a nice dress or shirt that has flowy fabric around the arms.

4. If your problem area is in your calfs, wear a knee length skirt, and make sure it's no shorter or longer than you knee. Add a cute heel that will make you look thinner while pointing out your sexy side.

5. When some people think they are a bit more heavy than others they tend to hide under clothing. Instead of hiding the problems, it just makes your figure look bigger. This goes the same way when things are too tight. Just because you picked out a size XS it DOES NOT mean you are an ex, and wouldn't you rather have somthing look flattering than look like your squishing into your baby sister's shirt?

6. V-neck shirts will flatter a big bust. This type of shirt will draw the "illusion torso", which will make you seem thinner.

7. Wear a darker color, like brown, black, burgundy, and dont wear too many different colors and patterns.

8. Make sure you wear lots of accessories like belts, and long thin necklaces and remember to have fun with your wardrobe!!

9. If you wear long stockings it will seem like you have longer, thinner legs and if you dress it up with a heel it will add on so much more funk with your new long thin legs!!

Remember this is your body, embrace it. Take some helpful advice to elongate that leg and subtract 10 pounds to make you feel comfortable in your own skin! If you have any comments, PLEASE leave me a comment on anything!
Yours Truly,
I dedicate this to my grandmother, she taught me all the tricks in the book!


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