Friday, June 6, 2008

Hey!! Rosalina-Raine here... Do you know the two actresses I absolutely adore?

They are both so amazing and are beautiful in different ways.

The first is, Hayden Panettiere, who is 19 years old, and has already been in soooo many different movies that you most likely have heard of. She has also modeled for a bunch of magazines and has been in hundreds of photo shoots.... Oh my goodness that's my dream right there. Hayden has been in, "Bring It On" (one of my favorite movies!!), Ice Princess, Raising Helen (another one of my favorites!!), Remember the Titans and like a thousand more... She also stars in the show "Heros" which was my favorite show, but now i guess it's not on anymore :( I also like her because she is a vegetarian, just like me!! So thats kind of cool that we have that in common!! Can you guess who my next favorite actress is?? Well probably not, because she's a lot different than Hayden.

It is Jennifer Garner, she is so amazing and she is the best actress I know of... she has played so many different roles and she has managed to fit each one perfectly. One of the movies she was in is called "Elektra", if you have not seen it, rent it, like now, it's sooo good and she was amazing. She made her character real and put forth so much emotion to really make her role come alive. In the movie "13 Going On 30" she was a totaly different character. You wouldn't even believe that the same woman played each of these totally diverse roles.

Okay those are my two favorite actresses... now I want to know yours!! comment me! Also take the pole on who you like better Hayden, or Jennifer!!!

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