Thursday, June 5, 2008

Lazy Day

Everyone has lazy days... today was one of those days... I woke up and decided wow I don't feel like wearing makeup I didn't. Haha. Wow is all I have to say. I think I look so bad without makeup...why did I do it? And I threw on a pair of soft, cotton, bermuda shorts and a blue American Eagle tee that says Up Up And Away...I'm a fashion blogger...and today my outfit was completely uninspiring! haha just one of those days I guess!

I was suprised in school today to find that I didn't see very cliche clothing, or as teen voguers would say "aberzombies". It was actually pretty "high fashion" or at least as high fashion as school can get! haha

Who will win our style awards today?

Hmmm... here are the candidates.

  1. "Typical RaRa" - today Typical Rara was straying outside her usual box of abercrombie, hollister, american eagle, clothing and wore a green tea colored tee, with short khacki shorts, a brown leather braided belt around her waist, tan flipflos, a lime green prada bag (which didn't go, but she wears it every day), and accessorized with a muted green/orange/blue/very autumn colored scarf. Her hair was in a bun with a few whispys and side bangs. Her ensemble as a whole was very refined, but really beautiful. I really liked the scarf. It was pretty huge, but pretty high fashion.
  2. "Tall Girl" - We all know that many tall people usually can't handle the "giantism" approach of wearing high heels. That's why i was inspired to see our "Tall Girl" wearing a pair of high heels today that went perfectly well with her outfit...but making me have to look up to her to speak to her :)
  3. "Brilliant Bangs" - Today "Brilliant Bangs" was wearing a super cute polka dot, sailor heel that was just soo cute I had to make her a candidate!
  4. "Unique" - "Unique" today had my personal favorite outfit on. She wore a striped, navy and white, shortsleeved blouse, with a crocheted dark blue dress/vest over the top worn as a dress, black tights, black grey striped legwarmers with buttons on the side, black patent bow wedge heels with studs on them, and a black patent belt. She looked amazing. I couldn't stop stealing glances at her outfit during class. She probably thought i was some sort of freakish stalker.
  5. "The Ultimate Mean Girl Plastic" - She never has anything nice to say, but she does have great shoes. With her tan skin this pair of patent black leather strappy flat sandles complemented her skin perfectly. Props to the plastic.
  6. "French Girl" - She speaks French fluently...which is sweet. She wore a black dress today with white creme flowers at the bottom, the top part of the dress addorned with three gold buttons, black leggings, black flip-flops (our school is full of flip-flops!), and the cliched but still cute patchwork Kathy Von Zeeland patchwork bag.

Who is your vote to today's most fashionable? You be the judge.

My vote lies in "Unique" and in "French"

Comments always welcome!

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo


Cosmotropolian said...

"French Girls" outfit sounds so appealing! She gets my vote@

And the term "Aberzombies" make me break out in laughter. I know exactly what you mean.

keira antoia rose said...

haha yep... are you a teen vogue forumer?
they use that term all the time!
And yep she would def get one of my votes :)
xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo