Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Agyness Deyn vs. Kate Moss

Agyness Deyn...Isabella Clarisse's favorite model...vs. Kate Moss...Rosalina Raine's favorite model. Agyness' style more funky and eccentric... Kate Moss' style more put together, sexy, and refined, but in a funky way. Who do you think has the best personal style? Please leave your comments!

Kate Moss in a really hott, tomboyish outfit. "I love the feminine casualty of a shirt style intended for a man," says Rosalina.

And Agyness Deyn in a colorful, funky outfit. "I love the mix of black and neon colors! And how she embraces the funkyness of the outfit in her pose," says Isabella.

Next two pictures paparazzi pictures on the street !!

Rosalina says, "I love how even when Kate Moss goes out even out on a walk or out shopping she is always looking fabulous in unique clothing, many people can't pull of an outfit all of one print like the black and white leopard print coat."

Isabella says, "Agyness' style! She pulls off the funky look, but here she shows how she can also look feminine and more refined. My favorite part of this outfit is the purple bag and scarf."

Rosalina says,"This picture of Kate Moss at the Alexander McQueen show is amazing. The hologram makes it seem like your not just in a fashion show, but in a dream. Adding technology to a fashion show is unique. It's like you forget where you are when watching it and completely focused on this eretheral hologram of Kate Moss."

Isabella says, "This picture of Agyness Deyn is my favorite picture of her. It's soooo different. And should be how girls should be inspired to dress!!!!!!! It inspires me so much to dress the way I want to. Her hair is perfect and her makeup flawless! The colors and outfit almost reminds me of Harajoku in a way. This picture is from a Badgely Mischka show."

Lastly, two photos showing these two supermodels' hair and makeup influence.

Rosalina, our beauty expert, says "The makeup is so inspirational itself. Makeup doesn't need to be put together with a certain outfit to make an ensemble fashionable, makeup is a fashion in itself. You can have a simple headshot and it can reveal your entire style in one snap-shot. Makeup can accentuate facial features that may not be as prominent on your face and embrace the features you do have for example, in this picture of Kate Moss her cheekbones are accentuated. With a simple headshot of a great look, you can be inspired to influence your own personal style. Make-up is a very expressive thing... it shows and accentuates your feelings when there are no words to. For example, in this picture of Agyness Deyn, she looks so sad, likes shes almost it tears... it mixes so well with facial expressions its easy to mix them up. Also, in this picture I love how kates facial position is posed to be perfectly shadowed, to accentuate her strong facial features."

Isabella, our not so beauty expert, says "I love Agyness Deyn's makeup in this picture. She looks like a beautiful lady. The colors used on her face go perfectly with her blonde short pixie cut and accentuates her blue eyes. I like how the focus of the picture is on her eyes, and the rest of her face is more nude than colorful or dark."

This was our first fashion blog post! Thank you so much for reading! We would appreciate any comments you would like to contribute to our blog! Remember "Fashion is whatever you make it!" We hope you are inspired by this post!

Who do you think is the better style icon? Agyness Deyn or Kate Moss? Leave your comments!
xoxo Rosalina-Raine and Isabella Clarisse xoxo


Anonymous said...

hi! so you left a comment on my blog asking me to add you to my blog list but i don't know how to do that. How woul i do that??

Anonymous said...

The picture of Agyness from the runway show is actually from Anna Sui, not Badgley Michka.