Friday, June 6, 2008

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Today was my first boat ride! I was immediatly swept away with the smell of the water, look of the waves, sound of the engine, and just the beauty of the sun beating down on me (giving me a perfect natural bronzer). It was a total area of bliss, peace, and serenity. The sight was breathtaking, the fashion was not. Our boating fashion consisted of flip-flops (which I'm completely tired of beat cheap looking ones), tank tops, and the ever so boring jean I made my own dream boating outfit inspired by my first boating experience.

Ugh today school was full of cliched cheapy flip-flops! And sundresses! Which I often find this to be my wardrobe considering how comfy it is! There were a couple of outfits to catch my eye though.

"Italian Bio Boy"-black, rolled up to elbows, collared, button down shirt, with white bermudas, and tan flip flops (cliche flip flops, but not cheap looking) very resort style

"Random Mystery Hall Girl"-high fashion, empire waist, big black/white polka dot dress (not cutesy and littlekidish, but very grown up polka dots, silver ballet flats

My style award would go to "Italian Bio Boy"'s not too often in my school I guy dresses for sucess!
Who do you think the style award should go to for the day?
Do you like the sailing outfit?
Please leave comments!
xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo


Copycat Sasha said...

I agree the award should go to Italien Bio Boy!

And I love the sailing outfit! When I visit Ireland, we do a lot of boating, so that inspired me to make some boating outfits too!

Anonymous said...

cute outfit! and I'll certainly add you to my blogroll!

nice blog!

miss hautttefashion said...

the shoes are interesting
a little too rubbery for me
but i like it

Anonymous said...

the outfit is okay but i hate themed outfits...
i already have you on my "links"
but ill give you my blog anyway

STYLE M.O.B said...

hey thanks for the comment, um a good place to look for gladiators would be urbanoufitters or top shop, they have some pretty nice ones

keira antoia rose said...

Thank you to everyone for the comments! Style m.o.b. thank you for the suggestions! I will check out Urban Outfitters next time I go. Although i was just there and none caught my eye...but that was actually a lil while ago so I will look again!
xoxo Isabella clarisse xoxo