Sunday, June 8, 2008

Our First Photo Shoot

Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny, hot day! It was a perfect day for our first photo shoot! It was awesome... and very, very, very warm. Haha then there was the camera incident when Jasmine Katarina dropped her camera underneath the boardwalk (or so we thought). So Isabella (me) and Rosalina climbed down into the jungle (high grass and PROBABLY poison ivy and snake nest...and we looked for it on our hands and knees... we looked for ten minutes in the jungle (under the board walk) when Jasmine proclaims "OH MY GAWD, I found it...!!" And whaddya know it was two feet away from us in a pile of high grass. Thank you Jasmine. We still love you though.

Jasmine: white button down shirt, seventies-style jean shorts, big wood bead creme necklace, brown heels.

Rosalina: white jean shorts that I, Rosalina, cut one day because they were originaly pants but i had nothing to wear so i cut them ha. A blue tank with a lacy top part, and an adorable denim vest that not many people like anymore, but I will always!!

Isabella: black Cheap Monday skinnies, black booties from Payless (I'm a bargain shopper), white tee tucked into jeans, vintage blue scarf, vintage head band.

Leave your comments :)
yours truly, all of us


Copycat Sasha said...

Jasmine, very pretty!
Isabella, weren't you hot in that weather?
Rosalina, very summery!

I love all your outfits, and you guys all have different styles, but still great and really cool at the same time!

keira antoia rose said...

Thank you :)
Ya I was pretty hot especially since we walked to the boardwalk!
But there was a nice breeze and some shade where we were at.
xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

this wheel's on fire said...

very cute!

Mimi said...

All shots look fantastic.
I love your style.